About Me

Alessandro Cocco

Reading session at Tovel lake, Trento 🙂

Passionate back-end developer, enthusiastic reader 📚, addicted to awesome music 🎶🤟


"The first draft of anything is shit." (Ernest Hemingway, attr.)

I started di questo libro e degli altri (→) in November 2014 to share some thoughts about the books I read 📚

Nothing too serious, it's a just for fun project that also helps me to improve my front-end coding skills 🙂


"Without music, life would be a mistake." (Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols)

My collection consist mainly of progressive rock&metal and symphonic metal albums (🤟🤟🤟) but I'm delving into different kinds of music (synthwave, eletronic, retrowave…)

Albums I love   ØØ Void,   Altered State,   Animals,   Antithesis of Light,   Contaminazione,   The Dark Side of the Moon,   Eppur si muove,   Forse le lucciole non si amano più,   Ghost Reveries,   The Human Equation,   Images and Words,   In the Passing Light of Day,   King,   Lighthouse,   The Mantle,   The Metal Opera,   This Godless Endeavor,   Titan,   Triangle

Artists I love   Opeth,   Pink Floyd,   Locanda delle fate,   Ayreon,   Nevermore,   Schammasch,   Epica,   Deathspell Omega,   Ahab,   Pain of Salvation,   Goblin,   Agalloch,   Iron Maiden,   Muse,   Premiata Forneria Marconi,   The Flower Kings,   Fabrizio De André,   Haggard,   Evoken,   Unexpect


"Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing." (Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird)

I love books and I love reading 📚 I love the smell of paper but I also like reading on my Kindle 😊

Favorite books    Blindness,   1984,   Brave New World,   We,   Fahrenheit 451,   Flatland,   Christ Stopped at Eboli,   The Tartar Steppe,   Cain,   All Quiet on the Western Front,   Roots,   A Scanner Darkly,   For Whom the Bell Tolls,   Nausea,   Death with Interruptions,   Solaris,   The Man Who Fell to Earth,   The Lord of the Flies,   Collapse: How Societies Chose to Fail or Succeed,   To Kill a Mockingbird   and many others!

Favorite authors   Dino Buzzati,   Noam Chomsky,   Philip K. Dick,   Aldous Huxley,   Franz Kafka,   H.P. Lovecraft,   Irène Némirovsky,   George Orwell,   Edgar Allan Poe,   Oliver Sacks,   José Saramago,   H.G. Wells,   Yevgeny Zamyatin